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Boys and Girls Varsity - Platinum, Gold, Silver 2012
2012 Saint Andrew's Scots Varsity Members
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Upper School Tennis
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Scots Tennis
Scott Williams
Scott Williams
Director of Tennis

Dear Players and Parents,

For the 2012-2013 Upper School Year we will offer the complete training program for those players aspiring to take their games to their highest level and become Champion Upper School Varsity level players and members of Championship Teams.

We have organized a High Performance Upper School program with HP drills, match play, strategy and tactics, fitness and participation in USTA tournaments. This year-round program is reserved for our most committed and dedicated players and limited to 8 boys and 8 girls which begins in September.

Our goal is to develop young talent and encourage them to become more committed at developing into a competitive tennis player and not just a child who plays tennis.

Our new program model outline will be:

• Semi private lessons to promote instruction and play “simultaneously”.
• Group practice to ensure team camaraderie and competitiveness.
• Practice and match play accountability.
• Tier progress evaluations to ensure proficient sound tactics, strategies and fitness while competing in high school.
• Travel to USTA tournaments with coaches.

In order to participate in this high performance program, we will need to evaluate you and your child's goals and commitment to reach their highest level of performance.  

Please contact or Coach Scott Williams at 561.210.2126 or or Coach John Forster at 561.210.2133 or

To register and to reserve your spot in seasonal programs, please check each season’s package. Programs will be billed in Sept, Nov, Feb, April.

For families signing up for a package in all four seasons, pick one of the four after school camp weeks for no charge. All packages include Scots t-shirt, family banquet (April), snacks and end of season party.

Dates Program Cost
Aug. 20-Aug. 24 After School Camp (4:00-6:30pm) $195/week
Aug. 27-Aug. 31 After School Camp (4:00-6:30pm) $195/week

Sept. 4-Oct. 26

Fall Season

• 1 Semi and 3 group sessions a week including 1 USTA Tournament accompanied by coach within season.
• 1 Semi and 2 group sessions a week



Oct. 29-Jan. 11

Winter Season

• Upper School Tournament (Sing, Dbl, Mxd) week of November 2nd-4th
• 1 Semi and 3 group sessions a week including 1 USTA Tournament accompanied by coach within season.
• 1 Semi and 2 group sessions a week



Dec. 31-Jan. 4, 2013 Winter Tennis Camp (9:00-3:00pm) $395/week

Jan. 14-March 15

Upper School Season

• 8 Boys and 8 Girls Varsity US Season.
• 8 Boys and 8 Girls Junior Varsity US Season
• "No Cut" Development US Season (weekly Semi Private Lesson and 3 X Weekly Group.


April 2-May 17

Spring Season

• 5 Boys and 5 girls USTA League
• Pre Summer Tournament Training
• Developmental training

May 13-May 17 After School Tennis Camp (4:15-6:00pm) $195/week
May 20-May 24 After School Tennis Camp (4:15-6:00pm) $195/week

June 3-Aug. 16

Summer Season (Mentoring and Training)

2013 (11) Weekly Scots Summer Tennis Camps
• Any one week of Summer Tennis Camp
• Any two week of Summer Tennis Camp
• Any three weeks of Summer Tennis Camp
• Any four weeks of Summer Tennis Camp
• Any five weeks of Summer Tennis Camp
• Any six weeks of Summer Tennis Camp

Registration Form: $125 fee includes - team registration, t-shirt, video analysis, banquet, and team dinners.
*Please make checks out to Scots Tennis and indicate dates attending.
Student Name: Age: Grade:
T-shirt sizes:   Adult: Child:
Address: Email:
City: State: Zip:
Cell Phone: Home Phone:
Insurance Company: Policy Number:
Insurance Address: Insurance Phone:
In case of accident or illness, I request that Saint Andrew’s attempt to contact me at the phone numbers given. If a parent cannot be reached, I hereby authorize the School to contact my child’s physician and, if necessary, to transport my child to his/her physician, or to the nearest hospital. I also give Saint Andrew’s School the right and permission to use, re-use, electronically reproduce, publish and re-publish photographs that may feature or include my son/daughter. I also grant permission to use my son’s/daughter’s name in connection with the camp if the School so chooses. I release and discharge Saint Andrew’s School from any and all claims arising out of/or in connection with the use of the photographs, including any and all claims for libel. In addition, I understand that there is a non-refundable deposit.
Caroline Hsu Andrew Dykeman Coach Scott Williams Girls Varsity Clay Fender
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